Science + Technology Planning

Grounded by our knowledge of how research facilities are impacted by today's economic, regulatory and cultural climate, our lab planners enable innovation that helps to support and energize scientific communities. Our expertise leads to solutions that reduce energy and water demands and provide long-term value for our clients who must maintain facilities over time.

Our expertise includes vivaria, research parks, high containment labs, academic teaching and research labs, and highly specialized biotech and biomedical labs. We actively research and author publications demonstrating best practices, serve on multiple boards, present internationally at leading scientific research conferences, and work globally. Through this in-depth focus on research environments, our clients benefit from best practices, trends and analysis of return on investments.

We bring strong leadership that guides clients through a tailored decision-making process specific to the institutional or corporate culture. This collaborative, creative and data-driven approach embraces today's realities while enabling innovation, facilitating consensus-building, ensuring good decision-making and great project outcomes.