Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies

Overland Park, Kansas

Project Info
Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies
Overland Park, Kansas
Completion Date: 2011
Square Footage: 68,200
LEED for New Construction Gold certification candidate

MacConnell Award Finalist
CEFPI, 2011

Gold Level - Living, Working, + Learning Environments
Edison Awards, 2011

Exhibition of School Architecture - Citation, 2011
National School Boards Association

Completed in August 2010, the Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) is a unique learning facility that will serve approximately 200 high school juniors and seniors from five area high schools. Educators and business professionals will work together to emulate real world experiences in order to introduce students to various professional career strands such as engineering, bioscience, human services and business. CAPS is a new type of learning facility where educators focus on engaging students as active participants in their own education by simulating a ‘real world’ environment. Innovative components of the facility include large flexible spaces for ‘doing’, transparent project areas for collaboration, and small group areas for real world meetings and presentations or individual work. To maximize flexibility and efficiency, all spaces are planned using a consistent 10' x 30' planning module.

The building program is organized into 2 three-story bars of teaching spaces separated by a common interactive atrium. These bars of spaces, or strands, are oriented with their broad sides facing north or south to optimize solar exposure. Teacher offices are located at the ends of the strands to allow maximum flexibility for future classroom reconfiguration. Small project areas and study spaces reside along the corridors outside of the classrooms and overlook the atrium. The 68,200 square foot facility was designed for LEED Gold certification. Sustainable aspects include a zoned mechanical displacement ventilation system with under floor distribution, rain water cistern collection and site irrigation, naturally day lit interiors, good solar orientation and solar screening, recycled interior finishes, and permeable site paving.

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