Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

This statement sets out the steps that the company has taken during the financial year 2016-2017 to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking is not occurring in our organisation or in our supply chains.

If there are any areas where no action has been taken, or where investigations into potential steps to be taken are ongoing, that fact will be clearly stated.

Organisational structure and activities
Perkins+Will is a private company limited by shares and is registered in England & Wales with registered number 05961514.

The company is a professional services firm providing architectural and design services and is regulated by the Royal Institute of British Architects.

The company has offices in England, America and Asia

The services Perkins+Will provides to its clients are predominantly office or site-based.

Supply chain structure and activities
The company’s supply chain in relation to its services consists on the whole of other regulated professional services (Quantity Surveyors, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, Civil & Structural Engineers) and the company considers these to be very low risk in relation to slavery and human trafficking so takes no specific action in relation to these relationships.

In terms of goods supplied to the company, the majority of goods will be goods for use in an office environment. Occasionally the company will be supplied with goods for use outside an office environment, for example “personal protective clothing”. The supply of either type of goods is not a regular occurrence and the company will
assess whether any additional measures are required in relation to each substantial acquisition of goods.

Due diligence
Within our own organisation and the majority of our activities, the risk of modern slavery remains low.

It has been identified that of all our practices, it is only really likely that it is in the supply of certain architectural products that there is a risk of modern slavery practices. Hence, as an intrinsic part of our specification procedures for materials, goods and services, we seek supplier clarification of their business principles, including their employment practices and any likelihood of instances of Modern Slavery and its associated practices.

If we cannot be assured of a positive response or reassurance in these matters, we will seek alternative sources for the required materials, products or services.

We endeavour to ensure at all times that there is minimal or little risk of modern slavery practices amongst any of our suppliers. Our policy is to embed respect for human rights and zero tolerance of modern slavery throughout our organisation and any companies with which we work in any context.

We have well communicated policies and other mechanisms in place to address any instances of modern slavery of which any of our employees become aware.

Risk assessment conclusions
It is our usual practice to work alongside those organisations with whom we have a long standing business relationship and of whose business practices we have a thorough understanding. Any new relationship will be based upon a thorough due diligence examination of such business practices and a commitment to exposing modern slavery practices should we discover them and to working only with those who share our desire to stamp out such practices.

As stated above, we believe that the only area of moderate risk within our supply chain is that of the supply of certain architectural products. We confirm that each supplier will be fully vetted as to their business and employment practices before we commit to an ongoing business relationship.

A Modern Slavery policy is contained within the Staff Handbook.

All employees undergo an induction into the company’s policies and procedures as part of their initial orientation upon employment. These policies and procedures are revisited regularly. This includes familiarity with this statement and its impact upon our business practices.

Those actively engaged in product or material specification undertake additional training to raise awareness of modern slavery issues and the measures that they should take to ensure that the business and employment practices of any company with which the company conducts business have been reasonably determined.

Other activities/steps
This statement and related policies, actions and procedures are reviewed on an annual basis by the HR Manager to ensure their currency and effectiveness.

This statement has been approved by the company’s Managing Director, Principal.