Boston Business Journal Visits Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital One Year After the Bombings

Spaulding settles into new home

It was 12 days after the bombs went off at last year’s Boston Marathon, killing three and leaving dozens with lifelong injuries, that Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital moved into the new home it had been planning for nearly a decade.

Last year’s tragedy has raised the profile of the hospital, which helped 32 of the victims of the blast learn to live without limbs, using prosthetics in many cases. But the setting for that care was now in Charlestown, in a brand-new 262,000-square-foot building that cost $225 million to build and has 132 beds, including 12 for children. The hospital had been looking to move or renovate its previous home on Nashua Street in Boston since 2003, eventually deciding on a waterfront space which was formerly a brownfield site in need of cleanup.

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