Designing for Health: 2016

Since 2008, Perkins+Will interior leaders who focus on design of the care environment have exclusively authored Contract magazine’s online ‘Designing for Health’ monthly series. We bring unrelenting curiosity and champion this critical aspect of healthcare, by giving voice to our unique ideas and observations, as informed by research and through direct experience with our incredible clients.

2015 was no exception, during which we looked through the lens of distinct needs of particular patient types, and always with an understanding of the needs of healing the whole person – the patient, family, caregivers and also students in practice. Equally important, we continue to shift the conversation forward, advancing our core value of promoting health, through advocacy for material and environmental health and resiliency.

This compilation is bookended by some of our notable practice achievements in the past year because, our trusted clients and partners, they are celebrated and shared and by you, too.

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