Announcements April 26, 2023

Destination Crenshaw’s Jason Foster on Spatial Justice, Combating Displacement, and Celebrating Community

Yan Krymsky (left) and Jason Foster (right) in conversation.

Our Los Angeles studio recently relaunched its E(x)plore Lunch Series with a fascinating lunch discussion, over tacos and tortilla chips, with Jason Foster, Chief Operating Officer of Destination Crenshaw. Yan Krymsky, Design Director in our LA studio, led the conversation, which covered Jason’s upbringing and background and the future potential of the Destination Crenshaw project. Jason spoke about spatial justice, displacement, and the opportunities for public projects to nurture existing communities like Crenshaw.

E(x)plore Lunch Series at our Los Angeles studio lounge space.

“There’s an important need for me to be behind the work, behind the people,” Jason said in the conversation. He spoke further of the potential for Destination Crenshaw to bolster the community and open doors to a new kind of development project in other cities. “Why shouldn’t Destination Crenshaw have a daycare one day?” he said. “The public right-of-way is the perfect frame to talk about quality of life.” 

In the hour-plus-long conversation, Jason dove into the relationship between financial stability and business ownership, its connection to larger infrastructural issues in the community, and how Destination Crenshaw has sowed the seeds of a more hopeful future in South LA and communities like it.

The E(x)plore Lunch Series is a series of discussions, started by Associate Principal David Sheldon, with leaders, clients, and influencers, discussing big ideas on how we interact with and can change the built environment. We’re planning to host more discussions in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Enjoy the entire conversation with Jason Foster here!