Events and Speaking Engagements Fall 2015

Come and see our leading designers and thought leaders at some of the most exciting events in the industry.

On the 15 September, David Green will be speaking at Connected Cities, a full day conference in London that will explore the role of data and how it can be used to improve town planning and the design of a people-centred, sustainable and resilient built environment.

John Drew, Design Principal, will be at the Estates Gazette 3rd Annual Property Asset Management Conference, 14th October 2015, Waldorf Hilton, London. The event will explore; sustainability; how to provide buildings people want to spend time in; understanding the occupier – the move from the SMART building to the SMART occupier and the effect of local authority planning policy and how it impacts the assets.

Using his expert knowledge and experience in the industry John will be exploring and discussing;
• The importance of really understanding the needs of the occupier and how to address them
• How can the sustainability agenda be used in the creation of spaces that also provide a better experience for the occupier?
• What are the quick wins in achieving a successful design that incorporates more light and other things that will attract the consumer/employee?
• What does that mean in practice? Daylight, natural ventilation, use of natural materials, more greenery and open spaces
• Taking into account the changing demographics of the potential occupier of the building in the design

William Poole-Wilson, Principal, will be at LEAF International 2015, taking place in London from 15-16 October. Here he will be talking about trends in office design and how to meet the demands of current and future workforces, and how to incorporate technology and space redesign into office plans to maximise building and workforce productivity. He will also explore topics such as wellness, sustainability and the benefits this poses for owners and occupiers, as well as what role agents should play in office design. The talk will take place on 16 October from 09:10 – 09:40.

And finally, don’t miss us at the Sleep Conference on 24- 25 November, London. Director of Hospitality Tom Hupe and his team have created an installation on ‘Work/Rest’ which is based around how improved mobile connectivity and working flexibility has led to changes in working practice. The installation will take the form of a semi enclosed space within which the proposals will be digitally displayed alongside supporting research material.

Visit us to see how Perkins+Will has combined its hospitality experience, workplace consultancy and corporate fit out experience to explore each public area of the hotel from the lobby to the guestroom and develop a design proposal for a hotel to meet the needs of the modern worker.

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