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Connect With Our People Throughout the Month

Join us as we present our ideas and thought leadership across the globe, from Vancouver to Austin to London. Connect with us on a variety of topics including School Planning in the Digital Age, Wood Products, the Future of Fresh Water, Restoring Master Street Plans, and the 21st Century Hospital.

Wednesday, April 3
Peter Busby will give a lecture as honorary professor at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) in Vancouver. Peter will speak about his work and on the topics of sustainable communities and regenerative design. The lecture free and open to the public.

Patrick Glenn and Courtney Johnston will present at the Council of Educational Facility Planners International (CEFPI) Southern Region Conference in Austin, Texas on the topic of “The Death of the Textbook: How Student Needs and School Planning are Changing in the Digital Age”. They will explore how students cognitive learning skills have blossomed with the integration of 21st century instructional technology and how the slow disappearance of the textbooks will change the way schools are planned and designed.

Thursday, April 4
Jana Foit will be a panelist at the Council of Forest Industries (COFI) Annual Convention in Prince George, British Columbia. During the “Wood Products in Sustainable Building Systems - From Neighbourhoods to Nations” discussion, panelists will present the business case for the design and marketing of wood products as key components in sustainable building systems, neighbourhoods and nations.

Tuesday, April 9
Rachel Lee will be accepting the R&D Magazine Lab of the Year Award at the Laboratory Design Conference in Houston, Texas for Perkins+Will’s CREATE project in Singapore. The Laboratory Design Conference, held each spring, is a educational and networking event for those involved in planning, designing, engineering, constructing and operating laboratory facilities. Meeting sessions feature recognized experts delivering unique presentations on trends in creating the most efficient, state-of-the-art facilities. The Conference also marks the official “reveal” of the 2013 Laboratory of the Year winners, with in-depth discussions by the winning project teams.

Thursday, April 11
Peter Busby will be a panelist in the closing plenary session of the Green Real Estate conference in Toronto. The 9th annual conference will provide a high level discussion on the economics, feasibility, benefits, and value of upgrading existing properties or developing new properties as green or high performance buildings. In the session “The View from the Top”, the panel will review some of the major themes discussed in the conference, provide some final observations on green building activity, and speculate on what new trends are emerging on the horizon.

Geeti Silwal will speak on “The Future of Fresh Water in the Bay Area” during a AIA San Francisco Committee on the Environment presentation in San Francisco. Geeti will present the Resource Infinity Loop, a regenerative urban ecological paradigm that reclaims wastewater locally through ecologically advanced treatment processes and reuses it in food-producing landscapes like urban farms, freshwater constructed wetlands, and aquaculture ponds.

Tuesday, April 16
Joyce Drohan will present the Blatchford City Centre Airport Project at the Community Planners of Alberta Association (CPAA) Planning Conference in Red Deer, Alberta. The CPAA is an organization dedicated to the promotion of community planning in the Province of Alberta. Through various means, the Association provides a forum for the discussion of community planning-related concepts, ideas and issues with a view towards solutions.

Wednesday, April 17
David Green will speak at the American Planning Association (APA) National Conference in Chicago on the topic of “Restoring Master Street Plans”. Comprehensive plans today operate with half of their legal machinery, being implemented primarily through zoning ordinances and land use maps. Originally, however, zoning had a critical partner: the master street plan—a physical map that legally operates before a zoning map is established.

Thursday, April 18
Jana Foit will speak at the International Wood Products Association Annual Convention in Vancouver. Jana will participate in the session “Bringing Wood Innovation to the Marketplace”. The panel will share some award winning case studies in wood building innovation, tall wood buildings and lessons learned in bringing wood innovations to the marketplace.

Eileen Jones will give a lecture at the School of Visual and Performing Arts at Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. The lecture is part of the opening reception for the Perkins+Will exhibition on “Design, Brand and Experience: From Culture to Form” on display at the Heftler Visiting Artist Gallery.

Monday, April 22
Peter Busby will give the Henry Hornbostel Lecture at the Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture in Pittsburgh. Peter will speak about his work and on the topics of sustainable communities and regenerative design.

Tuesday, April 23
Deborah Rivers will lead a pre-conference tour of Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital as part of the CleanMed Conference in Boston. The tour, titled “Tour a Climate-Resilient Hospital of the Future: Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital” [PDF] , will lead participants through the hospital just days before it opens. Specialists will be stationed at various locations to highlight aspects of the building and site design, engineering systems, and the influence of the design on clinical practice. The project incorporates sustainable and inclusive design principles to realize a facility that is used as a therapeutic tool and one that can measure the progress of a patient within an environment that is boundless. Acknowledging its location on the harbor, the concept of resilience in response to a changing climate and rising sea levels has been fully incorporated.

Wednesday, April 24
Robin Guenther will present during a pre-conference workshop as part of the CleanMed Conference in Boston. The “Climate Change and Public Health – What Are We Doing About It” workshop [PDF] will be a collaborative session during which participants will work with peers to formulate adaptation strategies for clinical care, procurement, buildings and energy, and operations. With equal emphasis on creative thinking and implementation, strategies will be developed in parallel working groups with input from recognized leaders. The ideas developed in this workshop will form the basis for action in your organization and surrounding community, as well as a national health care strategy.

Thursday, April 25
Robin Guenther will lead a session titled “Future Think: The 21st Century Hospital” [PDF] at the CleanMed Conference in Boston. During the session, Robin will make the case that a new pattern language of 21st century healthcare design is emerging: intrinsically human-focused, restorative, regenerative and resilient, these projects embrace a health-based approach to design, construction and operations and recognize health consequences related to water, energy, and materials dependencies on the building, community, and global scales.

Monday, April 29
Joan Blumenfeld will be a panelist for a discussion on “Is Sitting the New Smoking?” sponsored by Metropolis Magazine, Teknion, and IIDA NY at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. Worker well-being is key to a sustainable business, as well as to the workers themselves. The panelist will discuss - What is an active workplace? What can designers do to encourage movement? How does sitting, lighting, air quality, and our environment impact our health? What can interior designers learn from NYC’s healthy design guidelines?

Tuesday, April 30
Geoffrey Maulion will be making a presentation entitled "All Clashes Are Not Equal: Managing Design Side Clash Detection" at BIM Show Live in London. Clash detection is increasingly being required by clients from the Design Team contractually as a general service. What is expected from the design team throughout the design phases, especially at the end of CDs, is rarely explicitly laid out. The goal of the design team is to reduce the number of RFIs and change orders that would occur during construction. This session will cover the management issues that need to be addressed throughout the design phase.