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Monday, February 3
Joan Blumenfeld will be speaking at the California College of the Arts’ Interior Design Lecture series in San Francisco, California. Joan’s lecture will discuss the design process as a search for a story – one that elevates the experience of the user through his or her empathy and emotional response. Joan will discuss stories underlying several of her recent projects and pose a few questions including: Who are the primary characters in these stories and how did they evolve? How did a search for meaning and significance evolve into built interior design work that makes places for people to work, learn, and play?

Saturday, February 8
Jeremy Bamberger will be teaching a workshop at California College of the Arts’ ULAB in San Francisco, California entitled, “The City Denuded: Spatial Analysis with GIS.” The workshop will provide participants with the tools to perform complex spatial analysis and produce coherent graphic 2D and 3D maps. It will also briefly overview ModelBuilder which allows users to create customizable workflows including custom built scripts and analysis.

Monday, February 10
Breeze Glazer and Russell Triplett will be speaking at the Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit in Santa Monica, California. They will be hosting a workshop entitled “Futurecast 2030 – Sustainable Healthcare Design.”

Wednesday, February 12
Breeze Glazer and Russell Triplett will be presenting “LEED Hospitals: Perspectives on Cost Premiums and Operational Benefits” at the Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit at 11:15 a.m. in Santa Monica, California.

Robin Guenther will participate in a panel discussion at the AIA New York’s Center for Architecture in New York, New York entitled “WELL Building Standard: Tools for Healthier Buildings.” The WELL Building Standard is a new, research based protocol for buildings that prescribes technology enhancements and performance-based measures across seven categories to make the human perform and feel better. Its use can help architects to measure health impacts and design healthier buildings. The panel of experts will present science- and medical-based research outlining how buildings contribute to human health and wellness.

Wednesday, February 19
Jana Foit speak as part of the AIBC Keynote Panel entitled, “Where To From Here: The Future of the Profession” at the Vancouver Convention Centre West in Vancouver, British Columbia. Panelists will answer the questions like, What does the future hold for architecture and architects? Is the profession, one whose very name suggests vision and innovation, at risk of becoming obsolete through adherence to conventional thinking and traditional business models? This session will take a look both inward and outward, considering architecture’s place in an ever-changing world, and how the profession itself needs to evolve to keep up with, let alone drive, that change.

David Dove and Ryan Bragg will participate in a panel presentation entitled, “Transit-oriented Development: Three Perspectives on Sustainability” at BuildEx Vancouver in Vancouver, British Columbia. Marine Gateway, a vibrant mixed-use, transit-oriented development in Vancouver, will serve as a case study for sustainable urban density. Combining residential units, office space, and commercial retail space, it is being built on the site of a new station on the city's Canada Line rapid transit system in an established yet transitional neighborhood. The project will be assessed from three perspectives of sustainability - environmental, financial and social - and illustrated through a panel discussion involving a city planner, developer and architect. The issues addressed are germane to municipal policy and sustainable project development in existing neighborhoods.

Thursday, February 20
Rachel Casanova will be presenting “Change Management in the New Workplace” at Delve Interiors in Raleigh, North Carolina. Rachel will discuss the constant change organizations face and how change management fits into the architectural and design process. She will also explore how to use these concepts to increase the likelihood of acceptance of design ideas.

Friday, February 21
Ryan Gravel will be speaking at a roundtable discussion at the ULI’s Healthy Places Conference in Los Angeles, California. The discussion will be titled, “The Infrastructure of Healthy & Growth” and will discuss how cities across the country are reclaiming obsolete infrastructure systems like abandoned railroads, industrialized riverfronts, gridlocked freeways and channelized waterways as renewed conduits of urban life. The discussion will examine New York’s High Line, the Atlanta BeltLine, and the revitalization of the Los Angeles River.

Wednesday, February 26
Jana Foit will present at the 2014 SoCal Wood Solutions Fair in Long Beach, California. Jana will speak about “Innovation in Wood Construction: A Comparison of Two Projects” which will examine the University of British Columbia’s Earth Sciences Building and Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability. Recent investigations and discussions focused on solid wood construction in Canada are resulting in the consideration of heavy timber as a viable structural material for many projects. Further, the benefits of wood are becoming increasingly relevant in the context of global warming and non-renewable resource depletion, and its use can have a large impact on a project’s carbon footprint through both carbon sequestration and avoided greenhouse gas emissions.

Friday, February 28
Breeze Glazer will be speaking at Healthcare Design’s Academy for Architecture for Health in Washington, D.C. Breeze will be speaking on a panel entitled, “Healthcare Sustainability Design: LEED for Healthcare/Center for Design Sustainability” where speakers will discuss new developments and trends in healthcare sustainability, with a focus on new changes to LEED for Healthcare v4 unveiled at Greenbuild 2013.

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