Join Perkins+Will at Events in June 2015

Connect With Our People Throughout the Month

June offers plenty of opportunities to engage with Perkins+Will's thought leaders. Consider attending the following programs this month:

Monday, June 1
Kenneth Luker and Geordie Selkirk will be delivering a lecture at the Urban Design Center titled “Celebrating Culture in the City” at the CORmuseum in Raleigh, North Carolina. The presentation will feature work of the firm’s North Carolina Practice and the importance of architecture in interpreting and celebrating cultural stories within the urban context.

Tuesday, June 2
Kathy Wardle and Max Richter will present a two part interactive session on how to “Evaluate and Understand Health and Life-Cycle Impacts of Products” at the CaGBC Materials and Health Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Thursday, June 4
Jana Foit and David Dove will lead a continuing education course during the AAA/RAIC Festival of Architecture in Calgary, Alberta. The session “Revitalized Buildings on Campus: From Underappreciated to Rejuvenated” will include three case studies: Buchanan Complex, a mid-century modern classroom building at UBC; UBC Life, a late 60s student building at UBC; and Discovery 1, an office building converted to Fraser International College at SFU.

Ryan Bragg will present “Leveraging Transit for Liveable Cities” at the AAA/RAIC Festival of Architecture in Calgary, Alberta. This presentation examine the transit systems and their effects on livability of three cities often at the top of these lists: Melbourne, Vienna, and Vancouver. It will also provide two in-depth Canadian case studies that illustrate how the presence of transit makes possible a more holistic approach to development - one that fosters economic success and creates livable spaces and inspiring architecture.

Friday, June 5
Brodie Bain and “Access to Higher Education: The Branch Campus and Other Models for Expanding College and University Reach” at the SCUP 2015 Pacific Symposium in Tacoma, Washington. This one-day conference will examine the successes and challenges of college and university branch campuses as they strive for increased student access and reach. We will discuss the role and value of branch campuses along with other strategies used to increase reach and identity.

Tuesday, June 9
Aimee Eckmann will participate in a panel discussion for the League of Women Designers (LWD) in Chicago, Illinois. Hear the career paths from 4 architects – where they have been, where they are and how they got here.

Thursday, June 11
Jeff Till will participate in the second of four Equity by Design "U" Workshops in San Francisco, California. "What's Flex Got to do with Success?" will explore the complexities of making work and life "work" together to fulfill your maximum potential while enjoying the journey along the way.

Tuesday, June 16
Joan Blumenfeld will be part of a panel discussion at NeoCon in Chicago, Illinois. The panel “Ethonomics: Design for Health and Well-being” will take a deeper dive into sustainability, particularly in the context of human health and well-being.

Wednesday, June 17
Steve Turckes and Fred Schmidt will present “The Continuum of Working + Learning” at NeoCon in Chicago, Illinois. Fusing their expertise in both areas of practice, Fred and Steve will discuss the innovative and thoughtful solutions impacting their environments, and describe the researched behaviors and design decisions that intimately connect their worlds.

Thursday, June 18
Matt Petermann will lead the Technology and BIM portion of a round table discussion “Lean Round Tables” at the Lean Construction Institute Design Forum in Chicago, Illinois.

Monday, June 22
Robin Guenther will give a keynote presentation on Ten Rules for 21st Century Healthcare: A US Perspective on Creating Healthy, Healing Environments and David Green will present a session on “21st Century Health District” at the Royal College of Physicians London’s European Healthcare Design Forum in London, England.

Saturday, June 27
Joyce Drohan will take part in the Urban Design Charrette session as part of THRIVE 2015 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The Urban Design Charrette session will demonstrate the contribution urban design tools have for planning and implementing change, for sustainable and healthy development, for authentic placemaking and for thriving communities.

Sunday, June 28
Joyce Drohan will take part in a panel presentation as part of THRIVE 2015 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The panel will address issues related to placemaking for transit-oriented developments.

Monday, June 29
Kristen Hall will speak at the SPUR Urban Center in San Francisco, California. Kristen will take part in a panel discussion 'Generational Perspectives: Urban.' This three-part series presents a multi-generational panel of designers as they discuss topics that reflect the shifting architectural and cultural landscape of the region.

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