Join Perkins+Will at Events in May 2014

Connect With Our People Throughout the Month

This month our thought leaders are sharing their expertise at several impactful conferences including the Living Future unConference and Tradeline International Conference on Research Facilities. Phil Freelon is speaking to the Washington Park & Woodlawn Community Coalition for the Obama Presidential Library and Peter Busby will be honored with the RAIC Gold Medal. We continue to advocate for reducing the use of harmful chemicals and look to the future by pondering the car-less city.

Friday, May 2
Phil Freelon will give opening remarks at the Grand Opening Gala of the Bull City Sculpture Show in Durham, North Carolina. Phil was an independent juror and selected the twelve sculptures that will be on display for six months in Downtown Durham.

Joyce Drohan will speak at the Alberta Association of Architects Banff Session conference in Banff, Alberta. Joyce will present “Saskatoon – Small City: Big Future,” during which she will explore the critical aspects of delivering a holistic sustainable vision for a centrally located brownfield site in one of Canada’s small but quickly growing prairie cities. She will share her experiences on the City-initiated master planning process for transforming Saskatoon’s rail lands into a model for higher density mixed use living within a core area.

Sunday, May 4
Andrew Clinch will present “The Fundamentals of Public-Private-Partnerships (P3) for Research Facility Development and Financing” at the Tradeline 2014 International Conference on Research Facilities in San Diego, California. Andrew will review what a P3 involves – vocabulary, deal structure and options, benefits, risks, organizational and communication structure, and processes involved in implementing a P3 project.

Monday, May 5
Jeffrey Welter will present “Case Study: Porter Neuroscience Research Center Phase II addition” at the Tradeline 2014 International Conference on Research Facilities in San Diego, California. Jeffrey will give an overview of the world-class biomedical neuroscience research facility, with inter-disciplinary communication and collaboration as the catalysts for scientific innovation and creativity. The state-of-the-art laboratory flexibility features respond to rapidly changing and evolving science programs, energy reduction technologies, and key components that create interdisciplinary encounters and new research vectors between disparate institutes and PIs.

David Bendet will present “Planning for tomorrow’s research groups: Setting programmatic and engineering criteria” at the Tradeline 2014 International Conference on Research Facilities in San Diego, California. David will illustrate best practices for setting design requirements, developing programmatic and space requirements, and setting engineering criteria during early project phases – even with a large number of project unknowns.

Tuesday, May 6
Phil Freelon will speak to the Washington Park & Woodlawn Community Coalition for the Obama Presidential Library in Chicago, Illinois. Phil will talk about themes, monuments and statements in architecture devoted to African American history and legacy. The presentation is open to the public and will take place at 6 p.m. at the Dyett High School in Washington Park.

Ryan Bragg will lead a session at the Alberta Sustainable Building Symposium in Calgary, Alberta. During Ryan’s session, titled “Designing for density along new transit corridors”, he will share his expertise in large-scale, transit-oriented projects and associated municipal policies, as well as synthesis of mixed-use development and transit systems to create exciting, livable, nodes of development that spread urban living out from city cores.

Friday, May 9
Kenneth Luker, president of the Design Guild for the College of Design at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina, will be addressing this year’s graduates during their commencement ceremony. His focus will be encouraging students to continue their relationship with the College of Design after graduation. Building stronger relationships between the academic design world and the professional practice world are a key focus of the Design Guild and Kenneth’s efforts at the College of Design.

Wednesday, May 14
Gerry Tierney will present “Designing and Planning for the Car-Less City” at SPUR in San Francisco, California. Gerry will discuss the idea that the car as we know it could be gone within the next few decades. The prospect of driverless taxis, increased ridesharing and other new kinds of mobility is forcing us to rethink how our streets and cities function. Attendees will learn what a car-less future might look like and what it means for planners and urban designers.

Sunday, May 18
Breeze Glazer will lead an education session at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, New York. During the session “We Are What We Build: A (Pre)Cautionary Tale About Wellness,” Breeze will discuss the use of chemicals of concern in the built environment, and the impacts of those chemicals on our own health and wellness as well as on future generations. He will share a design framework, supported by existing tools and research, to inform a strategic approach in specifying healthy materials and furniture, creating safer environments for occupants.

Thursday, May 22
Suzanne Drake and Robin Guenther will lead sessions at the Living Future unConference 2014 in Portland, Oregon. Suzanne will present “Opening the Black Box: Understanding and Reducing the Use of Harmful Chemicals in Human Habitat,” providing information on six classes of chemicals that contain many of the harmful chemicals in the built environment. Robin will present “Healing Institutions: Inspiring Health and Beauty through Sustainable Healthcare Design,” postulating a set of specific design interventions that can be applied by attendees to significantly contribute to transforming the experience of healing in all climate zones.

Friday, May 23
Rebecca Holt and Harley Grusko will lead a session at the Living Future unConference 2014 in Portland, Oregon. During the session “Inspiration to Application: Designing Spaces that Matter” they will examine how quality of space can extend beyond individual occupant experience to encourage a sense of stewardship for the built environment, and build social capital by exploring common design approaches among three built projects including the VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Information Centre.

Thursday, May 29
Peter Busby will accept the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada’s Gold Medal at the Festival of Architecture in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Peter will present a brief retrospective of his career as part of the award ceremony.

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