Join Perkins+Will at Events in October

Connect With Our People Throughout the Month

From Atlanta to Singapore, join Perkins+Will thought leaders as they engage in discussions about sustainable wood-based buildings, Net Zero energy goals, and the future of digital fabrication, among other topics.

Tuesday, October 1
Robert Neper will be speaking at MetalCon in Atlanta, Georgia. MetalCon is a trade expo on metal construction and architecture. Robert will be speaking about the role of metal as a building material used in resilient buildings.

Wednesday, October 2
Ralph Johnson will speak at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore. The WAF is one of the largest architectural gatherings in the world. Perkins+Will will also be representing many projects shortlisted for awards

Suzanne Drake will be speaking at AGRION for their Healthy Building and Materials roundtable discussion in San Francisco, California from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. The purpose of the discussion is to understand the risks and impacts that building materials and chemicals have on human health and the environment. The panel will review the changing landscape of green buildings and health concerns, marketplace standards and how to compare the environmental performance of materials.

Robin Guenther and Breeze Glazer will attend the Healthcare Symposium in Chicago, Illinois and speak about LEED Hospitals: Perspectives on Cost Premiums and Operational Benefits and discuss their research.

Cathy Simon will participate in UC Berkeley’s conversation in San Francisco, California called “The Unbuilt Landscape: Designing the phantom city, and the afterlife of architecture.” Panel members will discuss how designs evolve, how working in the Bay Area differs from other regions, and how unbuilt projects can plant seeds that will come to fruition later on.

Thursday, October 3
Peter Busby will be speaking at Passive House California’s Fall 2013 Symposium “Building Carbon Zero Marin” in San Rafael, California. Carbon emissions from buildings make up more than 30% of the county’s carbon emissions and are a major contributor to global climate change. The goal of the symposium is to gather regional experts who can educate and inspire others to forge a path toward meeting California’s legislated goal of creating Net Zero energy buildings by 2030 and transform the state into a model of sustainability and environmentalism.

Friday, October 4
Robert Goodwin will participate in a panel discussion at the Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) 2013 North Atlantic Symposium at Gateway Community College in New Haven, Connecticut. The panelists will speak about design and planning of an urban college campus and Robert will also be guiding tours of Gateway Community College.

Scott Allen will be speaking at the Steelcase Showroom in New York City, New York from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Scott will discuss “The Art of Digital Fabrication” and how this technology has transformed the ways in which designers can engage with the full spectrum of digital fabrication technologies including 3D scanning interiors, prototyping forms, and creating their own custom solutions for a wide range of situations. Industry experts will discuss the challenge and opportunities of this revolutionary technology and how digital fabrication can be a powerful tool for emerging professionals.

Saturday, October 5
Cathy Simon will speak at the Lambda Alpha Land Economics Weekend in San Francisco, California. Cathy will discuss San Francisco’s waterfront history as well as recent and upcoming transformational changes that reconnect the city to the bay.

Gisela Garrett and Filippo Soave will participate in the American Society of Interior Designers’ (ASID) “Pro Bono: Leadership in Public Interest Design” discussion in New York City, New York. They will discuss the impact of public interest design on Perkins+Will’s pro bono work, initiated through Perkins+Will’s participation in Public Architecture’s 1% program and most recently focused on post-Hurricane Sandy reconstruction.

Monday, October 7
Peter Busby will present at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education’s (AASHE) 2013 conference and expo in Nashville, Tennessee. Throughout “Re-examining Wood’s Role as a Sustainable Material.” Peter will discuss the benefits of wood that are becoming increasingly relevant in the face of global warming and non-renewable resource depletion. Use of wood as a primary building materials can have a significant impact on a project’s carbon footprint. The talk will explore how wood-based projects can translate to other buildings and how higher educational institutions can utilize these materials in innovative ways.

Tuesday, October 8
Jeffrey Till will be presenting at SPUR’s lunchtime forum, “Urban Eco District Development”, in San Francisco, California. Jeff and Brent Gaulken of Gerding Edlen will discuss what the Bay Areas and China are doing to further eco-district development and what challenges they are facing in their design and implementation. They will explore how developers and design teams can capture the sustainable performance advantages in a competitive environment.

Wednesday, October 9
Steve South will be speaking at the International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA) October Chapter Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Steve and Jamie Feuerborn, Director of Workplace Strategy at Inscape, will discuss technology trends that they believe are transforming our built environment including, augmented reality, life hacking, social media, crowdsourcing, and cloud computing. The will explore the possibilities, capabilities, and potential impacts of these trends to transform the workplace, and how our present spaces can adapt to these changes.

Friday, October 11
Tama Duffy Day will present at the Environmental Design Research Association’s (EDRA) Inaugural Fall Symposium at the New York School of Interior Design in New York City, New York. The symposium will focus on translational research and allow designers, service providers and policymakers the opportunity to learn about emerging models of patient-centered care, effective delivery systems strategies, and how to embrace research as a means to improve patient, staff and resource outcomes.

Tuesday, October 15
Josh Emig will participate in a panel for the VERGE conference in San Francisco, California. The panel will discuss how the imperative for high performing buildings and the accessibility of building performance data is changing the way architects think about design.

Thursday, October 17
David Cordell and Jon Penndorf have been invited to re-present their NeoCon presentation, “Lighting in the Living Lab” at NeoCon East in Baltimore, Maryland. NeoCon East is the premier design exposition and conference for commercial interiors on the East Coast. The presentation will take place at 1:00 pm at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Monday, October 21
Ryan Bragg will be speaking on the “Corridor Collaboration and Innovation: Don’t Go It Alone” panel at Rail~Volution 2013 in Seattle, Washington. Ryan will join experts from across North America to discuss how partnership and innovation in corridor development, station area planning and financing are creating successful rail projects.

Cathy Simon will moderate a panel at SPUR’s Lunchtime Forum titled, “The Fate of the Physical University” in San Francisco, California. With the rise of online education as an alternative to higher education institutions, the fate of physical campuses is unknown. Simon will moderate a panel of experts including Emily Marthinsen from the University of California Berkeley, Daniel S. Friedman from the University of Washington, and Dave Lenox from Stanford. Panelists will discuss recent changes in higher education and explore possibilities for reimagining the campus of the future.

Tuesday, October 22
Ryan Bragg will participate on a panel, “Designing for Tomorrow’s Sustainability Needs Today” at the 2013 BC Hydro Power Smart Forum in Vancouver, British Columbia. Industry experts will discuss the current state, trends and future of buildings in British Columbia. They will address some challenging and relevant questions about energy efficiency in the buildings that populate Canadian skylines.

Gerry Tierney will be speaking at AGRION’s “Emerging Modes of Personal Transportation” discussion in San Francisco, California. A panel of experts will review and critique emerging modes of personal transporation and address prospects for widespread commercial availability; primary obstacles for commercial success; and what is driving the evolution of new means of personal transportation.

Wednesday, October 23
Santiago Diaz will present at the Lean Construction Institute Conference in Dallas, Texas. Santiago’s presentation, “Target-Value Computational Design” will demonstrate how target-value design principles were used during the process of developing custom computational design tools to optimize design and meet established construction targets.

Thursday, October 24
Jana Foit will speak at the Architectural Institute of British Columbia’s (AIBC) 2013 Conference "Sea Change: Architecture on the Crest” in Vancouver, British Columbia. Jana will discuss how solid wood construction in British Columbia has resulted in heavy timber being seen as a viable structural material for many projects. She will talk about the recently-completed UBC Earth Sciences Builidings – the largest panelized wood building in North America – and address the challenges and benefits of building with heavy timber.

Peter Busby will speak at Cities Alive’s 11th Annual Green Roof and Wall Conference in San Francisco, California. Peter will participate in a panel discussion, “What is the Emerging Role of the Designer to Improve Resiliency in the Face of Climate Change?” alongside industry experts. The panel will map out strategies on how to implement green roof and wall and integrated water systems solutions to solve environmental issues.

Friday, October 25
David Dove and Ryan Bragg will participate in the discussion “Transit-Oriented Development: Three Perspective on Sustainability” at the Architectural Institute of British Columbia’s (AIBC) 2013 Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. Marine Gateway, a vibrant mixed-use, transit-oriented development, will serve as a case study for sustainable urban density. The project will be assessed from three perspectives - environmental, financial and social – and illustrated through a discussion involving a city planner, developer and architect.

Peter Busby will also attend the AIBC’s 2013 Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia to present “The Changing Face of High Performance Architecture”. Through a discuss of his work and the work of other green architects, Peter will explore the visual influence that a high performance sustainable design has had on architecture and urban design with an eye toward the future.

Monday, October 28
Gary Shaw and Rachel Lee will speak at Tradeline’s 2013 Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Gary and Rachel will discuss Singapore’s 650,000 square foot Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE) in their talk, “The Next-General Research Facility Model: Hybrid Virtual-Physical Collaborative Research Without Boundaries”. They will examine what’s been provided to facilitate global collaboration and support visiting research groups.

Tuesday, October 29
Kathy Wardle will be a panelist at the Urban Development Institute (UDI) breakfast in Vancouver, British Columbia. The UDI is a national non-profit association within the development industry. With more than 600 corporate members, the UDI represents developers, property managers, financial lenders, engineers, architects and planners.

Wednesday, October 30
David Dove and Ryan Bragg will present “Transit-Oriented Development” at Sustainabuild in Vancouver, British Columbia. They will discuss Marine Gateway, a vibrant mixed-use, transit-oriented development, will serve as a case study for sustainable urban density. The project will be assessed from three perspectives - environmental, financial and social – and illustrated through a discussion involving a city planner, developer and architect.