Perkins+Will Ranked #1 in Higher Education by Architectural Record

Top design firm leads the higher education sector

Perkins+Will is leading the higher education sector with their extensive portfolio of recent work. Architectural Record reports, “Construction activity in the higher-education sector is beginning to slowly rebound as the stock market improves and college and university endowments, along with gifts from alumni and other benefactors, grow.”

Perkins+Will’s higher education practice recently led the completion of seven student union projects in 2014 and is currently working on such notable projects as San Jose State University, Student Union, the University of Kentucky, Student Center; Ryerson University, Church Street Development; Northwestern University, Lakeside Athletics Complex; University of North Texas, University Union Addition and Renovation; University of British Columbia, Orchard Commons; University of North Dakota, School of Medicine and Health Sciences; and East Carolina University, New Student Union.

During the past 20 years, Perkins+Will has worked with more than 250 colleges and universities across the globe. Through research and education, the firm continues to develop leading expertise, informed by the diverse influences that are shaping higher education. Perkins+Will believes that increasing globalization, advancing technologies, sustainable design, and the changing roles of academic institutions will have a major impact on the design and use of learning environments in the next decades.

More information on the Perkins+Will higher education practice can be found here.