The Huffington Post Interviews Joan Blumenfeld

Workplace Wellness: 7 Workplace Design Experts Weigh in on the Next Big Thing

There are many drivers increasing general awareness creating perhaps the most predominant trend of 2014: Wellness in the Workplace. I recently spoke with Joan Blumenfeld, of Perkins & Will, and one of the pioneers in this area, who worked with the NYC Department of Health and the NYC DDC in developing some of these ideas. She is also on the board of the NY Center for Active Design, a nonprofit aiming to reduce the risk of obesity and chronic diseases through the design of buildings, streets, and neighborhoods. Joan stated, "This movement really started back in 2006, but hasn't gained much popularity until recently." Though she has been involved in the concept for quite some time, it's only been in the past two years that requests for speaking engagements and information in RFP responses has increased.

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