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Follow our thought leaders as they discuss Perkins+Will’s legacy of public school design, the evolution of corporate workplaces, and new innovations in transportation technologies.

Monday, March 3
Peter Busby will be giving the keynote address at the 2014 Wood Works! Design Awards in Vancouver, British Columbia. More than 350 distinguished design and building professionals will gather at the Vancouver Convention Centre including architects, structural engineers, project teams, local government, industry sponsors and guests. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Awards.

Tuesday, March 4
Ron Stelmarski will be a panelist at the Dallas Architecture Forum in Dallas, Texas. Beginning in the late nineteenth century transportation and communication technologies began to transform the scale and complexity of architectural practice. The forum entitled, “A Moving Target: Technology and the Geography of the Design Professions in Texas and Beyond” will address the impact of modern technology on the boundaries of practice in Texas and the Southwest from the turn of the century until the present day.

Wednesday, March 5
Jerry Johnson will give a lunch talk at the Chicago Architecture Foundation in Chicago, Illinois. Johnson will discuss Perkins+Will’s history of public school design and how the firm continues to innovate new design solutions to support the goals of K-12 education. As Architectural Record noted in its discussion of Cedar Ridge High School in "Schools of the 21st Century," Perkins+Will's designs create "dynamic and flexible spaces for learning." Johnson will discuss the concepts and strategies that have informed several of the firm’s K-12 school projects, recently built and in-progress.

Barbara Crum and John Poelker will be speaking at the National Business Officers Association in Orlando, Florida. Crum and Poelker will join a panel entitled, “Planning a School for the Future: A Case Study in ‘What Ifs.” They will discuss how public school design can foster problem solving, creativity and innovation skills, and project-based learning. They will explain how they recently addressed this new design process, built consensus around the need to construct facilities that foster experiential learning by assessing current facilities, and designed a new campus plan that accommodates and promotes project-based learning.

Tuesday, March 11
Lisa Pool will be presenting “Workplace Choice and the Mobile Worker” at CoreNet’s conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The conference will discuss the introduction of choice within today’s workplaces, why employee choices matter, and how employees and workplaces are changing. Attendees will learn how to identify where the company stands and how companies are supporting choice within their workplaces.

Joyce Drohan will be speaking at the “Transit and Cities: Past, Present and Future” Conference at the University of California at Berkeley in Berkeley, California. Drohan will be on a panel discussing transit and urban design. Transit is vital to the sustainability of cities – environmentally, economically, socially. These discussions will revolve around the growing movement that places transit, in its many shapes and forms, front and center in the campaign to create sustainable cities.

Monday, March 17
Michael Bardin will be speaking on a panel at the ASHE conference in Orlando, Florida entitled, “Kaiser’s Small Hospitals, Big Ideas, Part 2: The Next Generation.” The panel will discuss how Kaiser Permanente is transforming the way the healthcare buildings are planned, designed, manufactured, and erected. Attendees will explore how Kaiser is bringing new approaches to healthcare building sustainability and discuss techniques for collaboration and teams from diverse backgrounds.

Thursday, March 20
Paul Schuette will be speaking on a panel at CoreNet and discussing workplace branding in San Francisco, California. Panelists will address the current conversation around branding and the workplace has gone far beyond environmental graphics and products display. As companies consider the value of linking brand and place more closely, the ability of the workplace to respond as an organizational asset becomes increasingly important. Simply put, workplace becomes not only a way to show what companies make, but also a means for revealing the culture and processes that enables their success.

Wednesday, March 26
Peter Busby will be speaking on a panel called, “Regenerative Design for High-Performance, Net Positive Communities” at Globe 2014 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Regenerative design is a process-oriented approach that uses sustainable systems principles to integrate the needs of society with the power of nature. Attendees will learn from those who are using regenerative design and “energy-positive” concepts for developing the high-performance communities of today and tomorrow.

Thursday, March 27
Gerry Tierney and Paul Schuette will be on an Agrion panel in San Francisco, California. The panel entitled, “Evolving Urban Mobility: A New Regulatory Environment” will envision pathways and strategies to create integrated regulatory policies that will facilitate the evolution of new autonomous mobility modes. The workshops will engage public and private sector experts in identifying the obstacles, and presenting possible comprehensive and seamless regulatory solutions.

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