Perkins+Will Announces Firmwide Promotions for 2014

Global Architecture and Design Leader Recognizes Leadership

Global architecture and design firm Perkins+Will today announced the promotion of Ryan Bragg, Rachel Casanova, David Damon, Tony Gianopoulos, Brad Hinthorne, John Long, Eric Mott, Michael Reinhart, and Ron Stelmarski to Principal. Additionally, 24 team members have been promoted to Associate Principal, 32 team members have been promoted to Senior Associate, and 53 team members have been named an Associate.

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Promotions to Principal include:
Ryan Bragg is a member of the Corporate + Commercial practice in the Vancouver office. He has over 15 years of experience and an extensive portfolio including large-scale, transit-oriented projects and associated municipal policies. Ryan has built a reputation in design excellence and communicating with diverse client groups and multi-disciplinary consultant teams.

Rachel Casanova is the Director of Workplace for the New York office, with nearly 20 years of experience in helping companies transform their real estate assets in order to reinforce long-term business strategies, corporate culture, and increasingly integrated space, technology, and performance goals.

David Damon is the Higher Education Market Leader in the Boston office. As a leader in the higher education practice, David is a strong advocate for sustainable planning and design. He has focused on issues of next generation sustainable planning and design, conducting a national student survey.

Tony Gianopoulos is the Higher Education Market Leader and the Director of Operations in the Seattle office. He joined the firm more than 20 years ago and has served as a skilled team manager throughout all phases of the design and construction process, his involvement has been pivotal to the successful realization of our clients' expectations.

Brad Hinthorne is a Managing Principal in the Seattle office. He has over 25 years of experience, including leadership roles on master planning, programming and design efforts for a diversity of public and private clients. Brad ensures that the unique needs and strategic aspirations of clients are met by bringing together the right people, skills, and strategic partnerships to every project pursuit and design endeavor.

John Long is the Higher Education Market Leader in the San Francisco office. He has special expertise in the adaptive reuse of existing campus buildings. His inventive, strategic approach and commitment to a collaborative process explores exceptional idea and resonant solutions. His design and management process is rooted in a foundation of flexible, sustainable design, informed by meaningful collaboration with institutions and their constituents to produce places of enduring value.

Erik Mott is a Design Principal in the Seattle office. He is a recognized design leader with 23 years of experience conceiving projects and places in urban and campus contexts with a focus on meaningful place making and the transformative potential of design. Erik is a holistic minded creative thought leader and has demonstrated exceptional leadership as a design practitioner and as an engaged advocate for design quality in the community.

Michael Reinhart is an Interior Design Principal in the Chicago Office. He joined the firm nearly 20 years ago and is an expert at managing teams and budgets. Mike leads some of our most technologically complicated projects and has extensive experience in trading environments.

Ron Stelmarski is the Design Director in the Dallas office. An award-winning, multi-faceted designer, Ron is recognized for his collaborative, hands-on style that combines interdisciplinary team structure with a research-based design platform. His experience spans all disciplines including architecture, interiors, brand experience and urban design.

Promotions to Associate Principal include:
Brodie Bain in Seattle
Therese Bak in London
Amy Biediger in Dallas
Simon Bone in London
Jason Chan in Houston
Carlos Chiu in Miami
Yashashree Chitale in San Francisco
Aimee Eckmann in Chicago
Chris Hamric in Chicago
Richard Jordan in London
Tony Layne in Minneapolis
Bill Leggett in Atlanta
Peter Lill in London
Michael McPhail in Chicago
Ben Piper in Dubai
Kristin Rosebrough in Chicago
Paul Schuette in San Francisco
Geeti Silwal in San Francisco
Brenda Smith in Atlanta
Gerry Tierney in San Francisco
Charles Vine in London
Kate Vine in London
Miriam White in London

Promotions to Senior Associate include:
Cassie Branum in Atlanta
Julio Colon in New York
Jeff Doble in Vancouver
Dennis Dornan in San Francisco
Kelly Eastman in San Francisco
Julie Frazier in Dallas
Breeze Glazer in New York
David Goldschmidt in Atlanta
Richard Grubbs in Charlotte
Shawn Hamlin in Atlanta
Ken Higa in Atlanta
Joelle Jefcoat in Charlotte
Mark Joyner in Atlanta
Larry Leland in Seattle
Lincoln Linder in Miami
Alex Minard in Vancouver
Raffe Khazadian in Boston
Meena Krenek in Atlanta
James Mallery in San Francisco
Julie Michiels in Chicago
Derek Newby in Vancouver
Eileen Pedersen in Chicago
Jon Penndorf in Washington, DC
Nicole Sheffield in Atlanta
Zan Stewart in Atlanta
Carsten Stinn in Honolulu
Linda Tan in Los Angeles
Robert Ting in Dallas
Gerald van Benschop in Houston
Chris Waight in Los Angeles
Derek Warr in Washington, DC
Jeff Williams in Atlanta

Named to an Associate include:
Max Adams in Chicago
Katie Andersen in Atlanta
Charles Brandt in Dallas
Ian Bush in Chicago
Leslie Colucci in Research Triangle Park
Cody Cartusciello in Dallas
Laura Crawford in Dallas
Suzanne Drake in San Francisco
Aimee Drmic in Toronto
Michael Dolter in Chicago
Jackie Ferguson in London
Sarah Freidel in New York
Harley Grusko in Vancouver
Drake Hawthorne in San Francisco
Justin Helm in San Francisco
Jessica Hensley in Washington, DC
Marie Henson in Seattle
Tom Helliwell in London
Tyler Hinckley in Boston
Remi Isaacs in San Francisco
Joe Jamgochian in Atlanta
Brett Janak in San Francisco
John Kitson in Chicago
Moojan Kalbasi in London
Heidi Kommes in Minneapolis
Yong Lee in Miami
Micah Lipscomb in Atlanta
Christina Long in Boston
Kase Macosko in San Francisco
Lecia Mavros in Dallas
Reinhardt Muir in San Francisco
MingMing Ong in New York
Bobby Orozco in Chicago
Tommy Osborne in Dallas
Matt Petermann in Chicago
Russell Philstrom in Minneapolis
Adriana Portela in Miami
Lauren Prickett in Atlanta
Anthony Prince in Chicago
Sarah Rege in San Francisco
Kay Rampersad in Vancouver
Jennifer Rheaume in Boston
Haley Russell in Washington, DC
Christine Sisson in Chicago
Michelle Sta Ana-Ascenzi in Toronto
Brian Stonelake in Boston
Angel Suarez in Miami
Tiffany Sutton in Dallas
Jason Sweers in Dundas
Zach Wideman in Dallas
Daniel Windsor in New York
Jim Woody in Washington, DC
Rick Young in Chicago

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