Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will Cited for Three Projects by the British Council for Offices

Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will has won the British Council for Offices (BCO), London and South East Best ‘Fit-out of Workplace’ Award for its work with Astellas Pharma Europe Ltd. (APEL), the European Headquarters of Tokyo-based Astellas Pharma Inc.(“Astellas”) and a South West Best ‘Fit-out of Workplace’ Award for its work with Microsoft UK. Siemens The Crystal was shortlisted for National Innovation Award.

The BCO Awards highlight excellence in office space design and functionality, acting as a benchmark for best practice in workplaces. The Regional Awards were made in April and the projects will automatically be entered for the national awards, which take place in October.

Astellas EMEA Headquarters
The 100,000 square foot office plan consists of two thirds work space and one third ‘street’ at ground level - a large and expansive space at the heart of the scheme with views out across the lake and housing a cafe and restaurant, open and closed spaces for meeting and working as well as a large multi-functional auditorium. The work floors are open plan and promote the concept of ‘working everywhere’. Desks are unassigned and a variety of work settings allow teams to choose from kitchen style tables to sofas and chairs, to meeting tables supported by whiteboards, pin up spaces and screening. Additionally, the work floors have a range of small private rooms for small meetings, teleconferencing and quiet working. Showers and changing facilities are also provided for staff with an outdoor gym and multifunctional sports pitch.

Microsoft UK
The new 55,000 square foot office space showcases Microsoft’s innovative technologies, embraces their image and branding concepts, and has shifted their working practices to a more customer based solution. The workspace is flexible, easy to churn, and accommodates approximately 750 users allowing Microsoft to be as effective and efficient as possible. Through the incorporation of Microsoft’s new technologies, the building has become a showcase to their clients, especially through the use of meeting rooms and collaboration space.

The Crystal
The Crystal is the global centre of excellence for Siemens’ new Infrastructure and Cities Sector. It acts as an exhibition, conference centre, and education facility. The uniquely shaped, glass-clad structure encompasses more than 70,000 square feet on the waterfront at the western end of the Royal Victoria Docks in East London. It serves as a conference centre, urban dialogue platform, and technology and innovation centre. The Crystal is designed to achieve top scores on the BREEAM and LEED international assessments for energy-efficient buildings. The interior, designed by Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will, is focused on the world's largest exhibition on the future of cities covering 22,000 square feet.

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