Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will to Attend the British Council for Offices Conference

Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will will be attending the annual British Council for Offices (BCO) Conference on 22 May 2015 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The team is venturing abroad to Chicago, the city where Perkins+Will was founded in 1935 and often considered the birthplace of the modern office.

BCO is Britain's leading forum for the discussion and debate of issues affecting the office sector. This year’s conference will be bringing together leading and highly influential figures from both sides of the Atlantic to discuss the economic impact of new technologies and changing demographics on the way we work, live, and decide where to do both.

Managing Director Jack Pringle, Market Sector Leader William Poole-Wilson, Design Director John Drew, Principal Fiona Ballance and Associate Principal Stephen Masterson will attend the conference from the London office, which is a silver profile sponsor at this year’s event.

Perkins+Will’s Global Design Director Ralph Johnson, will be speaking on one of the popular boat tours along the Chicago River. The tour will include a visit to a famous Mies Van Der Rohe building, which offers participants spectacular views over Chicago from Perkins+Will’s office on the 36th floor.

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