Perkins+Will’s São Paulo Office Becomes Fully Integrated With Global Firm

Firm’s Commitment to Brazil Optimizes Client Service Delivery Locally and Internationally

International architecture and design firm Perkins+Will announced today the full integration of its São Paulo office with the Perkins+Will global brand. This strategic maneuver, which includes a transition from the name RoccoVidal Perkins+Will to Perkins+Will, enables the São Paulo practice to offer what no other architecture and design firm in the Brazil market can: a 30-year local history grounded in an understanding of native language, culture, customs, and traditions—all supported by the resources and reach of an intercontinental firm.

“By aligning our practice worldwide with our practice in São Paulo, we are ensuring unmatched quality and service for our clients locally, regionally, and internationally,” says Phil Harrison, Chief Executive Officer of Perkins+Will. “Whether they wish to do business in Brazil, in other parts of Latin America, or overseas, our clients now have access to global design expertise and a comprehensive suite of service offerings—including architecture, interiors, and urban design—that no other firm in the country currently offers.”

Perkins+Will has made significant investments recently in staff, infrastructure, knowledge, and technology at its São Paulo office, Harrison notes. In fact, the firm recently completed a migration of its global technology platform, not only streamlining business operations worldwide, but also making the São Paulo practice the most technologically advanced and globally integrated design practice in the country.

“Our unification with Perkins+Will allows us to leverage both a highly successful American business model and the cachet of an American brand, bringing a reputation for excellence to what is already a great local practice,” says Fernando Vidal, Managing Director of the São Paulo office. “Our clients can have confidence knowing that Perkins+Will is consistently entrusted with some of the world’s most high-profile clients, including Merrill Lynch, Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, and Hyatt, and they can take pride in aligning themselves with a trusted brand known for its commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, workplace diversity, and high business ethics.”

Clients can also take comfort in knowing that the São Paulo office has authentic local knowledge and expertise, Vidal adds. The office has a long history of delivering world-class service and design excellence to high-profile Brazilian clients, including BTG Pactual, Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Grupo Jereissati, and myriad well-known real estate developers.

“Even with our newfound global reach, we will always be grounded by local roots,” he says. “We offer the best of both worlds.”

Perkins+Will established a formal working relationship with RoccoVidal in 2012, at which time the two firms began collaborating as a co-branded entity. This initial venture allowed Perkins+Will to carefully study the Brazilian marketplace, understand how business is done there, and identify needs for operational efficiencies and other improvements.

“Three years later, we are well-positioned to offer unique value in Brazil, bringing our global practice standards, operational efficiency, and international know-how to our existing and very talented Brazilian design leaders,” says Richard Marshall, international strategy director at Perkins+Will. “We now have a one-of-a-kind competitive advantage that we’re confident will serve our clients well.”

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