Video: SEEDing Higher Ground

A sustainable strategy for living in New Orleans

Newsweek asked Perkins+Will to re-imagine what the future of New Orleans will look like in 2030. The results are stunning, and in many ways, revolutionary. From how we live, work, commute and play, Perkins+Will has taken a unique approach in the ways in which our cities will fundamentally change the future.

With two major issues at the forefront of the project, socio-economic and environmental, Perkins+Will proposed to plant a network of "SEEDs" (Social, Economic and Environmental Destinations). The SEEDs create a network of community-scaled catalysts to spur social and economic vitality, based on the existing cultural assets and industrial advantages of the city, while at the same time planning for a much-needed network of refuges in anticipation of the next natural disaster. All SEEDS will be built three-stories above the flood plain and will create 100% of their own energy. As a whole, SEEDs will provide a level of urban resilience to the city of New Orleans while helping to protect its people in case of an emergency.