Improved mobile connectivity and working flexibility has led to changes in working practice. ‘The office’ has become an increasingly abstract concept as people are becoming less tethered to a single place of work and this rise of the ‘frictionless office space’ has led to hotels becoming the default place of work for many. Hotels are beginning to respond to this demand. Public spaces are becoming more dynamic and flexible, but significant opportunities still exist in the hotel market for those looking to meet the needs of the mobile workforce.

Perkins+Will intends to combine its hospitality team with its workplace consultancy and corporate fit out teams to explore each public area of the hotel, from the lobby to the guestroom, and develop design proposals for a ‘work hotel’ to meet the needs of mobile worker. Tom’s proposal is that the installation will take the form of a semi enclosed space which will display the proposals as a digital animation alongside research material.

Tom Hupe has dedicated his career almost exclusively to working within the hospitality sector. During this time he has been responsible for the design and project delivery of a diverse range of hotel projects, alongside feasibility work, design audit work and hotel design consultancy.