Adam Glaser

Planning and Strategies, Atlanta

An architect and urban designer by trade, Adam believes most problems faced in our industry are not solved by buildings, but by the interwoven spaces created in the process. Approaching problems from different intersections, he breaks boundaries in innovation and design. The objective is to create new methods that make us rethink our “how” and “why.”

Raised in an academic household in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Adam was always curious about the inception of universities into our cities. Seeking to help institutions understand how their presence and contributions were influencing our cities’ ecosystems, Adam dove into creating an initiative that leveraged the best practices of entrepreneurship and a shared economy. This project would later be known as the Campus 2.0 initiative – a new method in which business and universities interact and grow together within cities.

When not traveling around the country for work, Adam enjoys spending his time traveling for pleasure.

Adam with his daughter before hopping on a flight.
“There is so much power to understanding how cities work and the designing of them. Cities have a huge impact of not only how they work and how they operate, but what people do in them.”