Alice Hricak

Principal, Corporate Interiors, Los Angeles

Shortly after graduating with her MBA, Alice decided to continue her studies and pursue a degree in interior design. With a mind for business and an eye for design, Alice has built a career on being able to marry her two passions, giving her clients the best of both worlds.

She says that any time she enters an office or space she’s “constantly running business models through my head, because design influences the way people communicate, move, purchase, interact—design is everything.” It’s being able to help clients realize solutions that enable their people to think better, work more efficiently, and move more freely that makes her love what she does.

Having been born and raised in Los Angeles, one of Alice’s career highlights was designing the UCLA Health Training Center, home of the Los Angeles Lakers in El Segundo, California. “I have a complete connection to the Lakers because it reminds me of my dad and childhood. I understood the meaning of that legacy because I lived it, and still do.”

“Achieving the result is one small aspect of the creative design process. The strength lies in following the process and enjoying the journey along the way. It also has to be fun!”

Alice's Featured Work

UCLA Health Training Center
El Segundo, California
Network Operations Center
Pasadena, California