Andrew Blocha

Associate Principal, Houston

Andrew Blocha is an optimist, a person for whom design is the act of creating a better future.

Inspired by historian Lewis Mumford’s passionate arguments for creating humane cities, Andrew is intrigued with the idea of the contemporary office as an urban microcosm—a place where people gather not only to work, but to share ideas and become a part of something larger than themselves.

Andrew is fascinated by the parallels between film and architecture.  He sees architects and movie directors each providing a framework though which stories are told.  In film, those stories are scripted and carefully curated, while in real life, architecture forms the context for events that are not rehearsed. Like filmmakers, architects control the lighting, framing and the pace at which buildings are experienced.

When he is not contemplating the built environment, Andrew enjoys Mediterranean food, swimming, yoga, and tennis.


“I enjoy making constant change.”
studio meeting
Design is my passion.

Andrew's Featured Work

Exterior View
Continuum of Care Campus for Behavioral Health
Houston, Texas
200 4th Avenue South
Nashville, Tennessee