Andrew Koska

Associate Principal, Health, Houston

Born and raised in Houston, Andrew always knew he wanted to be an architect. After witnessing first-hand how a space can influence the overall wellness of patients in hospitals, his passion turned toward healthcare. “The built environment creates influential spaces and better spaces create better experiences.” He approaches every space with the resolve to improve its effectiveness and produce more enjoyable spaces that foster quicker, more organic healing.  He looks at the big picture of each project by working directly with clients and staff to build a plan that improves the space, no matter the size of the change.

Andrew likes to bring the outdoors in—he believes in the beauty of nature as a healing source and when he’s not working on projects, he spends his free time pushing his limits outdoors. From backpacking through the Rockies to visiting the mountains in Switzerland, Andrew is always up for a challenge.

"You're only as good as your team. I love design because I enjoy serving my community with and for people. We're all in this together."
Fun Fact
Always on the move, Andrew loves to hike and travel. Some of his favorite places are Switzerland and Italy because of their mountainous terrain, the culture, and the food.

Andrew's Featured Work

Behavioral Sciences Center
Houston, Texas