Brandon Buck

Associate Principal, Corporate and Commercial, London

Travelling the world has had a deep influence on Brandon’s career as an architect. Born in New York City, growing up in London, and having studied in Paris, he was surrounded by architectural history and culture, which inspired him to pursue a career in design. Becoming an architect was the culmination of his passion for the arts, talents in drawing and technology, and desire to create meaningful places.

For Brandon, architecture is, in its purest sense, for society. His work has taken him far and wide, exploring new places and meeting a diverse range of people.

Being able to contribute to global communities, leaving something behind that better serves the planet and its people, is what inspires Brandon’s design.

“Design is putting pen to paper and seeing the evolution of ideas.”
Over rail concept sketch
“To meet London’s housing targets, we must look at creative, fast-track and sustainable solutions. No response ticks more of these boxes than over-rail development.”