Brent Capron

Principal, Interior Design Director, New York

Brent has always been keenly aware of his surroundings. Even before he knew there was a word for it, he wanted to have a hand in creating, shaping, understanding, representing, and interacting with physical space. He still remembers the day his dad showed him the word “architect” in the dictionary.

Born and raised in Colorado, the intensity of the natural environment has impacted Brent’s approach to design. He is drawn to spaces that, like nature, have a temporal quality—changing and modifying over time.

Often described as aspirational in his approach, his work reflects a clear ethos, telling a story that supports the user’s experience.

“There has to be a little ‘magic’ in the design that makes it interesting, forward thinking, worthwhile – otherwise it’s just a service, not design.”
Study for an insurance client in Mexico City.
Sketch of Piazza San Marco.
Brent is classically trained in voice (bass baritone) having sung in choirs and operatic performances in Denver, New York and LA. He enjoys competing in triathlons, speaks German, and enjoys domestic and international travel.

Brent's Featured Work

Unilever's North American Headquarters
Unilever North American Headquarters
Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
Viacom Multi-floor Buildout
New York, New York
Swarovski New York Showroom and Office
New York, New York
Guardian Life Global Headquarters
New York, New York