Carlos Moreno

OAA, MRAIC, RPP, MCIP, LEED Green Associate
Operations Director, Toronto

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Carlos enjoys travelling around the globe for both personal leisure and professional development. From designing and resettling remote communities in Africa and Central America, to wandering through cities and villages in Western and Eastern Europe, to designing an award-winning financial centre and healthcare facility in Dubai, Carlos is keenly intrigued by the influence environments, spaces, and the public realm have on people’s behaviour, livelihood, and well-being.

As an Architect and Registered Planner, Carlos navigates urban design, planning, and architecture projects of various scales and scopes with a practical, flexible, and human-centred approach. Carlos believes we can accomplish big picture goals by implementing small elements one by one to achieve the result.

Carlos enjoys simple pleasures, staying active and true to his cultural roots, and a good strong cup of unaltered dark roast coffee.

“Confronting challenges builds character and integrity, and is undisputedly much more meaningful than taking the easier road or watching from the sidelines.”