Christopher Counts

Principal, Landscape Architecture, Miami

A fourth-generation native of South Carolina and former New York City resident, Christopher now lives in Miami, helping to lead our firm’s Landscape Architecture practice. His commitment to addressing the impacts of climate change on cities brought him to South Florida for a ground-zero examination of sea level rise and extreme weather conditions.

Having traveled to dozens of cities around the world, Christopher has a unique awareness of urban challenges faced by different populations. He believes that carefully thought-out, well-executed urban planning and landscape design are the glue that unites architecture, people, and ecology in successful cities. He designs spaces around the physical experience, considering the ways in which a user’s encounter with a place evolves over time.

Christopher’s innovative approach to resilient design earned him the prestigious Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture—a highly competitive fellowship awarded for excellence in the arts and humanities.

Fun Fact
Christopher has been nominated four times for the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum National Design Award in Landscape Architecture.
Chris Counts
Chris Counts
“I measure the success of a project by how people interacted with it. When I see people inventing new uses for a space or engaging with it in ways I never imagined, that’s when I know we caught lighting in a bottle.”
Chris Counts