Christopher Kleingartner

Science and Technology, Denver

People knew Christopher would be an architect from an early age; he’s been absorbed with construction sites and the conceptual visioning process that goes into every facet of design before he could even articulate it as a child.  That fascination hasn’t waned, Christopher’s rewarded equally with conceptualizing an environment that didn’t previously exist as he is with how it’s going to be built.  He truly loves the process of architecture, and he takes it home with him each night – Christopher and his wife Katey (design-lead) are self-performing the gut-renovation of their 19th century terrace-style home in the historic Cole Neighborhood in North Denver (nicknamed the BoxHouse).  Some say it’s just an excuse to stock pile tools, others say he just can’t stop tinkering.

He grew up dreaming up spaces and sketching inventions in the back office of his father’s compounding pharmacy so it’s not surprising that he was drawn to designing complex research facilities.  The order and efficiency of lab planning resonates with him, and he’s been successful following the mantra to listen first, and draw second. His greatest reward of working on science and technology projects are the researchers and engineers he collaborates with.  Planning sophisticated environments that have the potential to facilitate science that changes the world is his fuel; to really understand what a researcher’s vision for their science is and to bring that inspiration to life is his passion.

Listen first, draw second

“Success comes in all different styles: aesthetics, sustainability, innovation, and relationships; but true success is twofold: a client that has been delivered a building that exceeds their expectations and a building that is a positive contributor to the built environment.”

christopher kleingartner

Outside the studio, Christopher is active in the I2SL Rocky Mountain Chapter, CO-LABS, and the College of Architecture and Planning at CU Denver. When he’s not working, he loves to be outdoors with his wife, Katey, and their sweet Sheltie, Lacy. They enjoy traveling near and far, cooking for friends, and loading up their Jeep with the kayaks, bikes and the pup to go explore the Rockies. He also loves tacos, live music, and meeting new people–the weirder the better.

christopher kleingartner
christopher kleingartner