Dan Seng

Associate Principal, Seattle

Dan was encouraged at an early age, by his grandmother, to sketch his surroundings and to study the human form. His youth in the Chicago area was surrounded by great architecture and urbanism. This environment nurtured a lifelong passion for great spaces. His life in Los Angeles exposed him to a more personal modernism that engages the outdoors, which has led him to the Pacific Northwest. His aptitude for sketching has served as a vital tool throughout his career, often using quick illustrations to study urban spaces or communicate ideas to clients and team members.

With a passion for social good, Dan is excited and motivated by projects that influence the direction of future generations. Whether designing a research lab, office building, or transit hub, Dan is most satisfied when people express the delight and joy of living or working in places he helped create.


"Sketching is almost better than talking. When people see a drawing it just clicks. Sometimes, I need to just stop talking and draw."

— Dan Seng

Watercolor painting of inside of cathedral
Water color painting for lift bridge with sailboats passing by
In Dan's free time he enjoys sketching and painting his surroundings.
This watercolor is of a draw bridge near the Chittenden Locks in Seattle.