Danielle Leon

Associate Principal, Corporate Interiors, Toronto

Danielle never imagined that her love of drawing would lead her on a career path where scribbles turn to forms, ideas transcribe into details and visions become reality. However, with a post-secondary focus studying art history and chemistry to pursue a career in art conservation, Danielle decided to take a history of architecture class. She was hooked, and as a result, her career path rerouted.

Today, Danielle believes small details have huge impacts on how we live and work. She approaches every design challenge by first asking exploratory questions to cultivate an open, collaborative dialogue and form partnerships with stakeholders. Danielle ensures innovative, healthy environments achieve the best possible result for the well-being and performance of people in the workplace.

Danielle is happiest when elbow-deep in creative ideas. This includes participating in extended art projects with her two young children making their home look and feel like an open art studio.

“As humans, we are always evolving. Our needs and dreams shift to reflect our evolution. Each project is an opportunity to think deeper, collaborate better and create an interior environment that inspires and supports our ever-changing needs.”

Danielle's Featured Work

Protected: Place du Portage III Asset and Workplace Renewal Project
Gatineau, Québec