David Crabtree

Corporate and Commercial, North Carolina

David grew up near Daytona Beach, surfing, skateboarding, racing cars, and playing punk rock. He started a construction job at 15 and was a licensed contractor by the time he was 19. A family friend persuaded him to apply for an architecture position, and he quickly found his north star. He worked his way through architecture school, eventually being tapped to teach design studio classes and develop research while still a graduate student.

David built his career with a passion for design process, strategy, and research. He relishes discovering, and then realizing, a client’s brand, vision, and values. His approach is holistic, finding new ways to impact our communities and using design as the common ground that ties to the broader social purpose.

“Architecture is about moving through stages of research and process. I like to uncover, ideate, and incorporating social, cultural, and client drivers to discover and define a story."
David believes the project's story offers a clear path and a conceptual guide. For the Lenovo Executive Briefing Center, David is integrating the client's brand into the architectural expression.
For Tabbris, a new tech company focused on co-working, David designed an agile space organized around various scales of work zones, meeting spaces, and amenity spaces.
As a teenager, David toured summers with his father’s country rock band, picking up the guitar and eventually forming his own punk rock band. David still performs when the opportunity arises.