David Green

Principal, Urban Design

David’s spark for architecture was ignited during early family vacations. His father – an architect himself – liked to take the family on modern architecture tours as part of the family vacations. But it was his year at the University of Paris when David developed a love for great cities and an ardent belief that streets are the most important part of cities.

Having volunteered with various community groups over time, David has developed a real-world appreciation for the relationship between people and place. He sees urban design as an effective vehicle to steer the current needs of communities and to drive the future aspirations of locales.

David strives for innovation. He is most excited when solving complex urban issues and he passionately shares his learnings. His greatest project successes are aspirational but ultimately achievable – his realization of seemingly impossible challenges have helped shape cities in a number of different places. David sets progressive standards that create new global benchmarks – from individual sustainable buildings through to national-scale plans.

“How we divide up our land is more important than what we do with it.”

David Green

Fun Fact

David has taught for over twenty years, part of which was in Paris, including a number of years taking students through Paris in the summer program. David also has a Ted Talk which is all about streets, of course.

David's Featured Work

University of New Mexico Innovate ABQ Master Plan
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Waterfront Masterplan
Dublin, Ireland