Elizabeth Rack

Principal, Chicago

Taken by the spatial quality of Frank Lloyd Wright’s house and Unity Temple in Oak Park, Elizabeth knew from the moment she discovered these spaces that she would be an architect. Throughout her youth, Elizabeth spent many afternoons in hospitals, visiting her father who worked as a hospital administrator. With her budding interest in architecture she enjoyed walking the corridors, discovering the complexities and efficiencies the spaces had to offer, intrigued by a hospital’s mission as a place of healing shaped by the personal stories of its occupants.

This combination of architecture as art with social responsibility is what propels Elizabeth in her career.

Today, she provides extraordinary insight into medical planning, programming and designing for the human side of healthcare. She creates compassionate spaces for patients, families and clinicians that heal and nurture. Her sensitivity to the design and thorough understanding of a building’s effect on the people it serves results in the creation of uplifting, healing environments.

“I don’t sweat the small things anymore. I really believe in ethics. Doing the right thing always yields the best result."
Fun Fact
As a young adult, Elizabeth took a sabbatical and hitchhiked through Australia and Bali, backpacking and camping. The experience taught Elizabeth about life's essentials, and helped set priorities that have influenced her life and career.

Elizabeth's Featured Work

University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute
Cincinnati, Ohio