Gerald van Benschop

Associate Principal, Houston

A multi-national citizen who moved to the U.S. from Singapore in the 1980s, Gerald has a penchant for adaptability. Always thinking on his toes and knowing when to pivot, Gerald has followed an unconventional road to his current role as our Director of Global Technology Services, including pursuing education in hotel management and the culinary arts. Ultimately, through an innate interest and aptitude for technology, Gerald began dabbling in IT—first as a hobby, then as a profession.

Professionally and personally for Gerald, it’s all about helping people and a commitment to uncovering the positive impacts that he can have on someone else’s life. Outside the office, he contributes to causes that seek to improve his local community.

“People want to work with nice people—so be nice to others.”
Adapting to Change

In January of 1984, Gerald experienced his very first American winter.  It didn’t take long for his excitement to turn into annoyance over wool sweaters and thick socks—but he adjusted.

Fun Fact
In another life, Gerald would love to be a physical therapist.