Jane Greenthal

LEED AP ID+C, Fitwel Ambassador
Associate Principal, Planning and Strategies, San Francisco

Jane is a design strategist focused on integrating digital, physical, and service interactions to enhance user experiences. Her journey to the design profession was an unconventional one–after earning her MBA and establishing a long career in finance and management consulting, she returned to school mid-life while raising her three children. She was inspired by a relative who, at the age of 80, became the oldest graduate of California College of the Arts (CCA), proving that it’s never too late to follow your passions. Jane’s background in business helps to inform her design perspective, translating strategic and business objectives into design strategy. Her research on the ROI of design has sparked national speaking engagements and new paradigms for measuring success. She loves solving complex problems, connecting seemingly unrelated dots and deriving insights from unexpected places.

Jane’s passion extends to her volunteer work, too. She has spent much of her free time helping mission-driven organizations to achieve social equity and design justice. Jane has used her holistic perspective to lead project teams to design and deliver successful user experiences at all scales, from small local start-ups to global brands and organizations.

Community Engagement
Jane leads workshops to engage key stakeholders and end users.
“We need to shift our mindset to put users at the center, rather than the building or space, and realize there’s an entire eco-system that needs to be designed to deliver the intended experience.”