Jeff Chermely

Associate Principal, Operations Director, Denver

Born in Bartow, Florida, it wasn’t until Jeff completed his first year of college that he realized he wanted to be an architect. He had a love for painting, but after visiting Europe he experienced what architecture could be. The combination of art, technology, and innovation captivated him, and the following semester he enrolled in the architecture program at University of Tennessee.

Since graduating, Jeff’s project experience has covered all facets of the design and construction process on a large variety of programs and scales. Jeff’s expertise with 3D visualization and Building Information Modeling combined with construction detailing knowledge and experience has enabled him to move a variety of project types from early schematic design to award-winning, successful buildings.

Jeff is passionate about working with clients, contractors, and project teams to solve complex problems with effective solutions for the built environment.

Savannah Enmarket Arena
Savannah, Georgia

Jeff's Featured Work

Piedmont Wellness Center
Fayetteville, Georgia