Jeremy Dearborn

Associate Principal, Science and Technology, Boston

Jeremy has an indisputable knack for fostering close-knit teams that feel like family. It may be a carryover from his upbringing in rural New Hampshire, his education at a small college in Vermont, or his first job at a 40-person firm—but whatever the source, Jeremy’s innate ability to cultivate strong, cohesive teams has become his hallmark over the past two decades. It makes sense why more than half of his work is with repeat clients.

Since the 90s, Jeremy has used this skillset to help transform Kendall Square from a growing location for science and technology into the most innovative square mile on the planet. His secret for a successful project? Find out how each client measures their own success—what matters to them and their identity—and work toward that same goal.

Design Philosophy
"Identifying how others are measuring their progression allows you to tailor the project to achieve success."

Jeremy Dearborn

Jeremy's goal as practice leader: to continue improving the design culture of our studio, and to reinforce the family feel that drew him in 20 years ago.

Jeremy's Featured Work

Takeda Oncology Research and Development Headquarters
Boston, Massachusetts
Indigo Research and Development Headquarters
Charlestown, Massachusetts