Jonathan Miller

Principal, Health, North Carolina

For Jonathan Miller, the road not taken looped back on itself, resulting in a career focused on healthcare architecture that reflects his early interest in medicine. Intending to follow his grandfather into hands-on, multi-generational medical care, Jonathan’s encounter with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin West affected him so profoundly that it shifted his life ambition.

Jonathan’s collaborative and hands-on work style brings the same dedication to healthcare design that he witnessed his grandfather bring to patient care. His hyper-personal approach has positively impacted an untold number of caregivers, patients, and families in the communities where his projects have been built.

Jonathan’s interest in health and wellness extends beyond the hospital campus to providing progressive innovations to projects of all types through the convergence of multiple design practices. Jonathan looks forward to creating an ever-expanding range of health-oriented spaces and places that support healthy lifestyles and life-affirming experiences.