Justin Parscale

Principal, Corporate and Commercial, Dallas

Raised with humble beginnings in a small Oklahoma town, Justin is a determined character who enthusiastically pursues his goals until they’re achieved.

Extending his influence beyond the design industry, Justin serves on the board of the Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy, an institution that strives to improve student achievement through the core ideals of academic achievement, brotherhood, character, and perseverance. He is also a member of the Dallas Regional Chamber’s Leadership Dallas class of 2019, an initiative that gives a select group of civic leaders an inside look into every facet of the community.

A father of two, Justin is rediscovering his spare time as a recent empty nester. In the evening, he cooks alongside his wife and three dogs, and has grown particularly proud of his steaks and burgers.

“My idol is my grandfather, because he taught me all the little things that matter – lessons learned from being a milkman, iceman, and family man."
How it all began...

When he was little, Justin’s mom took him across town to mow yards. During one of those trips, he met a professional architect whom you could say inspired him to enter the architecture and design profession. He made money doing various chores for this architect, such as pulling weeds and vacuuming their offices, and could not help but eavesdrop from time to time. He recalls looking through the window and seeing people surrounding large drafting tables. It was in these early moments that Justin felt his interest pulled towards the architecture industry. A crooked Transamerica Building was his first-ever sketch, and he became forever intrigued by the pursuit of something crazy, awesome, and maybe even just a little out there!

Justin's words to live by.
"Take risks, explore ideas, deliver!"
Fun Fact About Justin
Justin can school anyone in a karaoke battle of “Sweet Child of Mine” by Guns and Roses.