Kenneth Luker

Principal, North Carolina

Kenneth’s career has been defined by architecture that promotes awareness of self and empathy for others. Narratives that define people and place are the foundation of his design process.  Through direct engagement with communities, he activates dialogue to create built forms where individuals can find their place within a shared story.

Kenneth brings this same openness and curiosity to leading project teams. Motivated by the belief that design is not a solo act, he invites diverse views and ideas into his creative and inclusive process. He enjoys gaining insight from each collaborative effort equally as much as mentoring young designers in conceptual clarity, formal composition, and the social ideals that exemplify his practice.

National Center for Civil and Human Rights
Atlanta, Georgia
"Architecture is an expression of human understanding. Our aspirations, values and priorities are reflected in what we build."
National Center for Civil and Human Rights
Design of the NCCHR was inspired as a “place for action” where people of diverse backgrounds can connect to common issues associated with our civil and human rights. The center has established itself as one of the nation’s leading centers for safe and welcoming dialogue around difficult topics such as race relations, genocide, torture, and mass incarceration.
Facilitating Dialogue
Kenneth's belief that architecture is never neutral drives his choice to challenge, rather than reinforce, the status quo. His engagement efforts guide individuals to understand themselves within a broader story.
Destination Crenshaw
This outdoor art and culture experience will be the a first-of-its-kind celebration of African American contribution to world culture.