Kevin M. Holland

Operations Director, Los Angeles

Kevin was eight years old when he decided to become an architect. It was a combination of loving to draw, being captivated by tall buildings, and watching the Brady Bunch.  To him, Mike Brady was an adult sitting at a table drawing, and he couldn’t reconcile that because only kids drew. So, he asked his mom what Mike was drawing, and she said blueprints. The rest is history.

After working as an architect for many years, Kevin became the Operations Director for our Los Angeles studio and realized he could contribute on a larger scale by indirectly keeping the projects on track. By managing the resources needed to deliver a project, Kevin ensures that our studio stays dedicated to both design excellence and our client’s objectives equally.

Kevin has performed in two operas!

He was a first tenor in the 1999 world premiere of Leslie Burrs’ Vanqui, with Opera Columbus and the 2004 production of Verdi’s Aida, performed with Opera Columbus/Columbus Symphony. Vanqui was much more challenging due to the number of songs and the musical difficulties. The challenge with Aida was the enormous scale of the production and singing in Italian.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”
- John Bunyan