Matthew Malone

Principal, Science and Technology, New York

Growing up in New Jersey, Matt had always wanted to be an artist. He was admittedly skeptical about pursuing architecture at first, but after an introductory class he was hooked. Matt was initially interested in entertainment architecture, yet a chance opportunity to work on a laboratory project changed the trajectory of his career from that point forward.

Working on smaller projects at the beginning of his career, Matt was able not only to see a project through from start to finish, but also to engage with the users of the spaces in a meaningful way. From these experiences, he’s learned that good design is about looking beyond technicalities to understand the person and their process.

In the sometimes stringent requirements of laboratory spaces, that some might see as limitations, Matt finds design opportunities and multiple creative outlets. He’s worked on everything from daycare centers to restaurants, all in support of science facilities.

Matt currently lives in New Jersey with his wife and their two children, a daughter and younger son. He enjoys playing soccer with them and helping them with their own creative outlets, including school science fair projects.

Matt presenting on the basics of laboratory space requirements at one of our events.

“I look at the requirements of a space as part of the toolset I have to build with. In talking to the lab occupants, you can understand their pressure points, and where you have opportunities to take chances and make suggestions to do something differently and hopefully better than they were expecting.”

Matt is a pop-culture buff who, along with his brothers, grew up trying to beat their dad in Jeopardy and stump each other in heated contests of Trivial Pursuit. He’s especially well-versed in 70s and 80s music and movies.

After working in science spaces for so long, one could say that Matt has adapted a scientific approach to his work: he continuously asks questions to get to the answers he seeks. His driving philosophy includes working hard to apply what he learns and to try to “stay ahead of the curve”.