Michael Harvey

Principal, Denver

Inheriting a passion for construction and architecture from his grandfather, Mike has always had a foundation in the industry. In his college years Mike had the opportunity to study abroad in Rome. During these travels he became captivated by the architecture and design surrounding him. His senior year thesis, a multi-thousand seat Velodrome, led him to discover a passion for large scale arena design. When he came back to the United States the following year, his path was clear to him.

Today, Mike has worked on over two dozen multi-use sports arena projects, and has a comprehensive understanding of both the spectator venue as well as the construction process.

In his free time Mike enjoys cycling / biking as well as watching his favorite sport hockey. He also volunteers at Denver’s Washington Park, doing seasonal tree plantings.

target center renovation
Target Center Renovation
Minneapolis, Minnesota
denny sanford premier center
Denny Sanford Premier Center
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
bell mts place exterior
Bell MTS Place (Original and Renovations)
Winnipeg, Manitoba
bell mts place concourse signage
At Bell MTS Place, the signage and wayfinding design incorporates elements related to aviation design, continuing the Jets fan experience throughout the concourse.

Michael's Featured Work

exterior of bell mts place
Bell MTS Place
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada