Michelle Osburn

Associate Principal, Planning and Strategies, Chicago

Michelle chose a unique path to interior design, first achieving degrees in mathematics and systems engineering. She spent the first 15 years of her career in technology and accounting management, but eventually felt ready for a change and a more creative challenge. She worked her way through night classes in design school, which helped her recognize how systems technology and interior design intersect.

Michelle approaches design through a business-solutions lens, informed by her background in technology.  Whether it’s saving costs by supporting processes with fewer square feet, or increasing collaboration through spatial reconfiguration, Michelle is committed to solving business challenges for her clients.

When you work with Michelle, “the buck stops here”.  She makes decisions and accepts responsibility, believing there is no need to pass problems to others when she can personally solve them for her clients.

"I'm always impressed when I have the opportunity to hear my colleagues talk about design, and how they plan to change the world with it. Seeing this passion is incredibly inspiring."
Fun Fact

When Michelle is not at work, she’s planning, prepping or cooking – and cooking for a crowd.  The bigger the crowd, the better.

Employees at SRAM can ride right to their desk, on the bike lane that runs through the office.
Michelle helped implement programming and planning strategies for SRAM, a bicycle parts manufacturer.