Paul Diamond

Associate Principal, Chicago

Paul discovered architecture as a child, before even knowing what an architect was. He was interested in buildings and loved creating houses with building blocks and construction toys. By the time he entered junior high, his father, an electrical engineer, bought him a drafting board and T-square. In Paul’s high school architecture course, his senior class assignment was to design and build a model of a house. Paul loved the process, and from then on he knew he was on the right path.

Paul believes good design is sensitive to its environment. Context doesn’t always drive design, but his philosophy is that interiors must take cues from their surrounding architecture: interiors should relate to the building in which they live. His definition of a successful project is one in which the entire team – designer, client, and user – enjoys the journey and the result.

“I believe interior design should be sensitive to the surrounding environment. A good design solution, while not necessarily context-driven, takes cues from the existing architecture.”
In Paul’s view, there’s more to a successful project than a beautiful result that meets the program requirement. The process must be enjoyable. When the entire team has enjoyed the journey – the designer, the client and the user – that’s when a project feels truly successful.
Fun Fact

Paul loves music and going to concerts.  His favorite band is the legendary LA punk band, X.