Renato Siqueira

Corporate and Commercial, Sao Paulo

Design has been a part of Renato’s story from an early age. At 12 years old, he began a Communications Design course at the Panamerican School, in his hometown, São Paulo. He believes his passion for arts and design is in his genes, since his two aunts loved painting and even gave him painting lessons.

Another passion that led Renato in his journey as a designer was sports. Basketball and surfing taught him important lessons that he applies in life and work to this day. Watching his oldest friends practicing, he learned not only the best moves on the court and in the sea, but also the importance of learning from others.

As an architect, Renato believes building quality relationships is the key to better understand a client’s real need. To him, listening, observing and talking to different people are excellent ways to keep acquiring more knowledge.

Renato’s professional history is filled with different, exciting experiences. From designing big call centers, expo centers, hydroelectric power plants, and oil platforms in Brazil, to subway stations in Iraq, and even working on a nuclear recycling station project in Germany, he has always kept an eye open for new challenges.

After designing his brother’s house, Renato took leftover timber from construction to build a new passion: creating furniture with mostly reused materials. “I only buy the essential, such as nails. Everything else is recycled. This became my therapy.”