Renny Logan

Principal, Design Director, North Carolina

Despite a lengthy career in New York, Renny is a child of the South. He grew up scrambling around half framed houses in small Carolina mill towns that offered seemingly endless opportunities to explore buildings in various stages of construction. It was inside these skeletons, that smelled of lumber and dirt, that he began developing an appreciation for making and craft.

Renny is a self-described modernist who believes that buildings should be expressions of their time and place—but that also endure over time, contributing positively to the public experience now and into the future. He views architecture as a mixture of art, sociology, commerce, and technology—a perspective that contributes to the making of meaningful places for clients and communities.

Drawn to the energy behind a collective, Renny believes in the evolution of ideas and solutions. He brings a mindful awareness and distinct sensibility to collaboration and mentorship. His direct engagement in the design process is grounded in an inclusive, people-first approach—to listen, learn, interpret, provoke and collectively produce much more than the sum of our parts.

Design excellence drives his ambition to advance a rigorous architectural language that balances considerations of context and purpose with elegant composition, craft, and environmental performance.