Robert Brown

Principal, Managing Director, Boston

Robert’s career has been defined by challenging the status quo, a personal philosophy he developed during his years in architecture school: question everything; have confidence in your character; be brave enough to voice what makes sense. These guiding principles have informed his approach to design—one that recognizes a good idea and says, “Okay, now show me two more,” because the best solutions are often somewhere in between. Robert has applied this mindset to decades of transformative urban design and adaptive reuse projects, as well as the design and delivery of some of Boston’s most recognizable high-rise buildings.

Today, he is taking on another kind of design challenge: the business of architecture. He strives to foster a culture of innovation by assembling diverse teams and promoting a “living lab” atmosphere. In fact, Robert finds that these characteristics—not awards—are the true hallmarks of a successful project.

Fresh Take
Robert actively seeks out diverse perspectives, encouraging designers to share their unique points of view: "Don't sit back. Speak up."
“Question authority and be brave enough to voice what makes sense. That way of thinking is how I work.”

Robert's Featured Work

The Exchange
Boston, Massachusetts
Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital
Charlestown, Massachusetts
Billerica Memorial High School
Billerica, Massachusetts